Insulation Between, and Insulated Plasterboard Fixed to,. Timber Framework on Solid Brick Wall. Damp proof course. Kingspan Kooltherm®. K12 Framing Board. Total R–values for various thicknesses of Kingspan Kooltherm®. K12 Framing Board and different wall types. Product Thickness. Heat flow in. Heat flow out. Kooltherm K12 Framing Board, insulation for timber and steel framing systems. Kingspan Kooltherm K Framing Board is a premium performance insulation.

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Methods 7 to 9.

Request a quote on large quantities. Ensure that safe methods of cleaning are used, as recommended by suppliers of the spilt liquid. Boards should be stored kingspqn a building. Checking “Remember Me” will let you access your shopping cart on this computer when you are logged out. Be the first to kngspan this product.

When taping a plastic squeegee or blade must be used to apply appropriate pressure to the tape. Therefore, if these boards are being installed during bright or sunny weather, it is advisable to wear UV protective sunglasses or goggles and if the skin is exposed for a significant period of time, protect bare kihgspan with a UV block sun cream. Ensure that the boards are lightly butted and continuity of insulation is maintained.

This reflective, low emissivity surface can effectively double the thermal resistance of the cavity in which the board is placed. Pricing and Where to Buy. Round Thermahood Downlight Cover. When utilising K12 between studwork, the plasterboard lining should be of the vapour check type or a separate polythene vapour control layer used.


Contact us to find your local State Representative. Our teams are dedicated to helping make your process as easy as possible and ensure you get the right materials for your building. Adhesives containing such solvents should not be used in association with this product. We use cookies on our website www.

Kingspan Kooltherm K12 80mm 2400mm x 1200mm (Pack / 4 sheets per pack)

This reflective surface improves the thermal resistance of any cavity adjacent to the board. Ensure that safe methods of cleaning are used, as recommended by suppliers of the spilt liquid. Kingspan Insulation products are chemically inert and safe to use. Our teams are dedicated to helping you make process as easy as knigspan and ensure you get the right materials for your needs.

Kooltherm K12 Framing Board | Cavity Wall Insulation | Kingspan | New Zealand

The insulation core is resistant to short—term contact with petrol and with most dilute acids, alkalis and mineral oils.

The Kooltherm K12 frame plate has a low Lambda value from 0. System R-values Click on the specific application types below to view their System R-values.

Insulation boards that have been individually cut to fit the stud spacings may be temporarily held to the battens with large headed clout nails.


Kingspan K12 Kooltherm Phenolic Timber and Steel Framing System Boards

It provides a rapid response to floor heating that actually prevents heat loss with the help of heat sump. Check out our Bestselling Products Bestsellers. Its durability depends on the supporting structure and the conditions of its use. Cutting View Cutting Instructions.

However, it is recommended that any spills be cleaned off fully before the boards are installed. Kinfspan Description The Board Facings Faced on both sides with a low emissivity composite foil facing which is highly resistant to the transmission of water vapour.

Durability If correctly applied, K12 framing board has an indefinite life.

The insulation core and facings used in the manufacture of K8 Cavity Oingspan resist attack by mould and microbial growth and do not provide any food value to vermin. The high-quality insulation board Kooltherm K12 Kingspan Insulation is ideal for after-insulating your loft, or your inner parapet.

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