Jacques Mabit. Track: Shamanism and Its Potential for Modern Man. Ayahuasca use in the new-age context. Over the last years, ayahuasca has come to. Jacques Mabit, M.D., is Founder and Executive President of the Takiwasi Center for Drug Addict Rehabilitation and Research on Traditional Medicines in. Our first visit to Takiwasi, the center for the treatment of addiction that utilizes the methods of Amazonian shamanism along with Western psychotherapy, and its.

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When ayahuasca defeats certain resistances, the subject vomits not only the ayahuasca, but also the corresponding blockades. The ignorance of these spiritual dangers makes Western society very vulnerable to them. On the other hand, the experi- enced Ayahuasqueros that have been purified over the years rarely vomit.

By the time people finish the process in Takiwasi they do not desire to continue drinking ayahuasca since they know the requirements that this work requires of them such as the dietary rules and sexual abstinence, the unpleasant taste of the brew, the difficult mwbit with their inner world, and the requirements of ritual and conduct. Most important, he lived with and learned from traditional Amazonian healers and shamans in Colombia and Peru.

In these cases and within the suggested setting they doubtlessly benefit from the proposed therapeutic protocol. Do you think that ayahuasca might have the potential to treat people with depression?

Jacques Mabit

Ayahuasca should not be considered as a treatment for epilepsy and its use is not recommended for epileptic seizures with different origins than the psy- cho-emotional ones.

Are there specific guidelines or precautions in the case of infants and chil- dren drinking ayahuasca? It is rec- ommended to avoid other unhealthy foods although they are not strictly prohibited ice cream, fried snacks, abundant refined sugar, preserved food, spicy food, red meat… ; a list of healthy foods is suggested. The seminars were only once every 2 months or 6 a year with only one of those with English.


Yet, some jadques of the new-age movement are in stark contrast to the traditional medicines paradigm, as well as to the indigenous groups this jacqjes originally stems from. Some cases of compulsive crisis can be observed in people that suffer from epi- lepsy.

Therefore, every depressive profile deserves a previous evaluation in order to con- sider the adequateness of the use of ayahuasca.

Jacques Mabit | Singing to the Plants

I believe that the set should not and cannot be regulated because it is the interior freedom of each human being. Finally, he is a devout Catholic. When I had joined her there some years after her first visit, she was working as a therapist in the ample, tree shaded grounds of the center, doing her dissertation research, and soaking up the accumulated knowledge of traditional plant medicines and shamanic techniques utilized at Takiwasi to heal. However, there are jaques of temporary loss of consciousness that serve the patient as a way of disconnecting or evading an emotional confrontation that he dreads.

Yet little is known of the power of psychoactive plants to heal addiction, especially as mediated by shamanic song. This is also the case in ad- vanced degenerative pathologies lupus, multiple sclerosis, SLA, etc.

Skip to content Our first visit to Takiwasi, the center for jacquws treatment of addiction that utilizes the methods of Amazonian shamanism along with Western psychotherapy, and its host town, Tarapoto, was many years ago, in a quieter age.

Jacques Mabit | Ashoka | Everyone a Changemaker

For example, it is frequent to see a person visualizing the energetic aura of his hands for the first time, leading him to think that he can cure by the laying of hands. And it was that experience, for reasons that he cannot fully explain, that led him to examine the contributions that traditional healing practices can make to contemporary medical understanding and care systems.


In people for whom the emotional factor is fundamental in triggering their epileptic seizures, the use of ayahuasca in progressive doses can be a complementary therapeutic method that is worth being combined with other plants and techniques.

In general terms, can the consumption of ayahuasca cause any sort of diffi- culties? The key lies in the capacity for leading the session by previously well- prepared people who do not necessarily have to be doctors.

And any hard but necessary part of a healing is promptly eliminated. Due to its purgative characteristics, giving ayahuasca to people that could be harmed by the vomiting efforts esophagus fissure, gastric ulcer, early pregnancy, etc. Obviously, little can be expected from ayahuasca regarding the fixing of purely mechanical problems, although it would not hurt either. February 10, at 7: Soon after that session, he returned to France to seek support for the project, traveling as well to the United States, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Jabit, and Denmark.

Takiwasi fights this, as I do as a therapist, and as Jacques does. Skip to main content. But at that point I had no idea that the guy who started it was so accomplished.

I am a friend of Takiwasi and Jacques. Also, jacqurs accordance with Peruvian law, authorization for the internment must mabiit requested from the judicial authority for minors in this case a family judge.

We have had the opportunity of experiencing this several times with women who decided not to reveal that they were menstruating at the time because they assumed that this limitation was a macho prejudice or an irrational belief.