FRONT FLAP. $ Shabono. “From across the river, out of the distant darkness, the wind carried the Iticoteri’s laughter The voice. Shabono has ratings and 17 reviews. live – recounts the vivid and unforgettable experience of anthropologist Florinda Donner’s time with an indigenous tr. ‘Shabono’ – the name of the hamlets of palm-thatched dwellings where the Yanomama Indians of Venezuela and southern Brazil live – recounts the vivid and.

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Shabono is the story of her total immersion in a primitive society and its exotic way of life. If you’re someone who really gets off on the hard science end of Anthropological and Ethnobotanical stuff, like I do, you’ll be disappointed, but amused.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even though Donner did not anywhere claim that her book was based on having actually lived among the Yanomami, she was roundly criticized for having used the ethnographic writing genre without her work in fact being based on anthropological methods.

Donner is interactive, with the locals learning as much dknner her as she does from them.

Feb 24, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: From Vesperi the chronology was given out as Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View doner. She is assumed to have committed suicide in the desert. For goodbye is said with the eyes.


Feb 11, Petja rated it really liked it Shelves: A fascinating tale of months spent with an Amazonian tribe by a women that goes from interested research scientist into active member of the tribal family. Part Two Chapter 6. I would say it is engrossing and well worth a few hours of your time. Scandal or Superb Social Science?. This one is about a deeper, more personal, intimate transformation.


As day becomes night and night day, time loses all meaning, and her sojourn among the people she calls the Iticoteri extends to a year. The real downer was she lost all her notes and photos. Unlike Castaneda, she is not the shaboo apprentice learning about a strange, magical culture, always a few steps behind her mentors.

Florinda Donner-Grau – Shabono: The ethnographic data are there but presented in a rich, alive, and functional way. It was only subsequent to publication of the book that some dates have been reported to reporters for local presses.

On learning that her student identity had now been discovered, Donner telephoned the chairman and acknowledged that she had changed shaboni name and written this book. With amazing warmth the Iticoteri accept Florinda Donner as one of their own, gently teaching her their religion, their customs, even their language.

Florinda Donner was one of Carlos Castanedas’s “witches,” the women who surrounded him in his later years and became part of his shamanic cult rituals, described in horrifying detail in Amy Shaboo “Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

SHABONO by Florinda Donner | Kirkus Reviews

Like everyone else who vonner deep into the life of the Amazon, she can never go back to her former world spiritually, whether or not she does physically. By further coincidence, and as an aficionado of the Don Juan series could scarcely miss, an entire chapter in Castaneda’s sixth book was devoted to a certain sorceress by name of Florinda.


Books by Florinda Donner. Theirs is a civilization in which illness is cured by the rhythmic chanting of shapori, where fire releases the soul from the body, and the soul rises to the house of thunder. They welcomed her with such kindness and generosity. This lady taught Castaneda the art of “stalking” original italics. In addition to working on Shanono books, she has written several books about indigenous healing, sorcery and lucid dreaming.

Pamels rated it it was amazing Jul 12, By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Finding Hope – 3: Merijn rated it it was amazing Feb 08, The ending made cry remembering my stay in Brazil. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The voice rustled through the ancient trees, then vanished, like the silvery ripples on the water.

Shabono: A Visit to a Remote and Magical World in the South American Rain Forest

S Florinda’s Excellent Adventure So, y’know, like, there’s this really geeky anthropologist? Fascinating, but I think this anthropologist got a little TOO close to the tribe she was studying. Shabono er en meget langtrukken og forvirrende bog. Aug 18, Adam rated it liked it Recommends it for: There are no discussion topics on donneer book yet. Oct 10, David Parker rated it it was amazing Shelves: