Executing CLISTs. To execute a CLIST, use the EXEC command. From an ISPF command line, type TSO in front of the command. In TSO/E EDIT or TEST mode. This tutorial describes methods by which you can executed CLIST on your mainframe installations. The CLIST language enables you to work more efficiently with TSO/E. You can write programs, called CLISTs, that perform given tasks or.

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Look down near the bottom of that screen. Comparisons are done after the math has been evaluated. A link to the IBM manual on that is included at the end of this article, however, if you want to look it up there.


mainfame Instead of specifying zero, you specify the number of required parameters, followed by their parameter names. Again you enclose the name within apostrophes because it includes your userid at the first part of the name. Links to IBM doc: The default, CAPS, causes character strings to be converted to uppercase.

Tue Nov 02, 4: Remember that not all of these variables are populated if you did not specify the relevant optional parameters as mentioned in the preceding paragraph Shown below are some of the variables where your information comes back after maintrame invoke LISTDSI.

You can overtype the values shown, or select new values from one of the lists shown near the bottom left of the screen. Your own best choice will depend on the layout of your keyboard, of course. End of Digression on setting Cut-and-paste keys.


How to Execute CLIST

Just thought I’d mention it, because it can mainrfame a real puzzler in the exceedingly rare cases where it happens. Okay, so now you see how you can specify an optional parameter. Try running each one in turn. Alain Belda William R. Wed Nov 03, 1: It is basically a list of other TSO commands.

What is a CLIST?

CLIST statement names, if any exist, have to be capitalized. How do you know if the name is already in use? Retrieved 12 May You can write in full screen mode rather than line mode by using ISPF Dialog Serviceswhich we do kainframe cover in this introductory article.

How to process gdg in rexx program wh Wed Nov 03, 2: Communicating with the terminal userstarting on page Note we said Copy, not Cut. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of names already in use, so here is a quick test: It has two cousins. So choose names that are descriptive of what the user is expected to enter, so that, when prompted, they can guess what is wanted.

The following lines would find the positions of the first three vowels in the alphabet:. Lose the member name in the JCL.

Save it and end the edit session. Cary — John R. So if you use parentheses, it reduces the chance that someone updating your CLIST in the future mainfame mess up the calculation.


According to the manual, the maximum total length of a statement is characters altogether. GOTO This, too, is just what it looks like. It looks sort of like the upper right hand corner of a square, or like a hyphen with a small vertical bit hanging down at the end of it.

Brody Kenneth Chenault Michael L. For example, if you invoke the FREE command to free a dataset that happens not to be currently allocated, it issues a message telling you so.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So you can set it up to run every time you Logon TSO.

Mainframe CLIST pdf and examples – Srinimf

Before we go any further into the syntax and structure of your CLIST itself, you probably want to know where to house your CLIST so that the system will be able to find it when you want to run it. For example, the following lines could be used as an awkward method for writing the word South: Wed Nov 03, You can end a line with a hyphen minus sign or a plus sign if you want to continue the line onto the next line. Now you might reasonably ask: Pedro Senior Member Joined: Spero Sidney Taurel Lorenzo Zambrano.

Do not be beguiled by the ease and allure of copying!