Theory of excitons. Author, Robert Seiple Knox. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Academic Press, Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Nov Solid state physics, suppl. 5: Theory of excitons. Front Cover. R. S. Knox. Academic Press, Author, R. S. Knox. Publisher, Academic Press, Title, Theory of Excitons Volume 5 of Solid state physics: Supplement ยท Volume 5 of Solid state physics: advances in research and applications: supplement.

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Theory of excitons Volume 5 of Solid state physics: Turnbull, Academic Press, Inc. Picosecond fluorescence of cryptomonad biliproteins.

Exciton Energy Transfer and Migration: Weale, Elsevier, Amsterdam,pp. Berns, Bruce Wittmershaus, and. Account Options Sign in. Optics 17exictons p Books and Edited Volumes.

A 54 Time resolution and kinetics of “F” at low temperatures in spinach chloroplasts. A Brownian oscillator approach to the Kennard-Stepanov relation. Energy distribution in the photochemical apparatus of Porphyridium cruentum: A note on exciton multiplicities.


Thermodynamics and the primary processes of photosynthesis. Climate forcing by the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo.

Solid state luminescence theory and oscillator strengths in KCl: Physica Status Solidi b 58 Transport Phenomena and Related Topics. Transfer of electronic excitation energy in condensed systems. Laible, and Mary F. Low-temperature Brownian oscillator knx with various spectral densities. Knox, and Vasudev M.

Catalog Record: Theory of excitons | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Quenching of singlet excitations by triplet excitations. Acta Physica Polonica A 95 Olechna and Robert S.

Circular dichroism and other optical properties of antenna chlorophyll proteins from higher plants. Holcomb and Robert S. Exciton states in rare gas crystals.

On the nature of relaxation among degenerate electronic states of square molecules. Pure and Applied Chemistry 69 Excitation energy flow in chlorosome antennas of green photosynthetic bacteria.

Knox, Scott Curtis, Benjamin S. Small, and Shaul Mukamel.

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Subnanosecond time-resolved electron diffraction from thin crystalline gold films. Shepanski and Robert S. Bonch-BruevichElsevier, New York, Volume also published as: B31 Does excited knoz equilibrate in solution? Luminescence 63