Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. Crystallizing Public Opinion is a book written by Edward Bernays and published in . Larry Tye, The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations; New York: Crown, ; ISBN ; pp. 96– CRYSTALLIZING. PUBLIC OPINION by. EDWARD L. BERNAYS. Counsel on Public Relations. Former Lecturer on Public Relations. andAdjunct Professor.

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Simultaneous display of these citations was arranged for Bas- tile Crystallizihg, July 14,by members of the Fifth Avenue Association. Publicity and related activities were usually delegated to advertising managers and sometimes to publicity directors. We should not cook our food or live in houses — in fact, we should revert to primitive living. The lawyer can tell what argument will appeal to court or jury.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

He organized committees of correspondence which helped to unite the colonies. Ancient Origins Despite confusion and disagreements over the meaning of terms, the professional concept of public relations has its roots in primitive times, though relationships between those who led and their followers, the public, differed from those of today, and the earlier concept was far more limited than the contemporary one.

Thus, making him a double crystalliziny to one household biologically speaking. Towards the end of this period many larger corporations were trying out public relations.

Elmer Davis, ‘is the commonplace to any newspaper man, even to one who has never studied epistemology; and, if the phrase is permissible, truth is rather more relative in Washington than anywhere else.

He queried men and women who represented groups, sections and opinions of main cities and towns throughout the country. InFortune, in an article entitled, “The 5 U j. There was a direct relationship between the growth of public relations and the periods of maladjustment in the society.

Still another is urged to found a scholarship in his subject at a leading university. Generally speaking, the relationship and interaction of the public and any movement is rather obvious.

Is it, for example, purely an acci- dent that a man belongs to one church rather than another or to any church at all? Solon greatly improved the relations between the ruling groups of Athens and the people by giving the masses the right to vote in the assembly and to elect the Council of Four Hundred.

Full text of “Bernays, Edward L. Crystalizing Public Opinion ( ) (no OCR)”

He will have fairly settled views upon the origin and nature of the universe, and upon what he will probably call its meaning; he will have conclusions as to what is to happen to him at death and after, as to what is and what should be the basis of conduct.


Crystallzing Farmer-Labor Party, the Socialist Party despite years of campaigning have failed to become even strongly recognizable opponents to the established groups. No trivia or quizzes yet. Because of the recent extraordinary growth of the profession of public relations counsel and the lack of available information concerning it, an air of mystery has surrounded its scope and func- tions.

The commentaries of Cryatallizing Caesar furnish an example of history as a tool of publix relations. Publicity is, in fact, one of the major functions of the Health Department, in- asmuch as its constructive work depends to a considerable extent upon the public education it provides in combating evils and in building up a spirit of individual and group cooperation in all health matters. One of the many desired results of this visit was that it should be made apparent that America, with all the foreign elements represented in its body, was unified in its support of King Albert and his country.

They show how difficult it is to establish a universal definition for a word, and how far variations may move away from an orig- inal meaning. Tarbell, and publishers such as Hearst, fought the trusts vigorously. Educated people can display this mentality just as the ignorant can.

But definitions were still not clearly denned. Waves of conta- gious excitement spread over the land in fashions and public issues. Ideas were communicated largely through the songs and recitations of wandering minstrels. Wikiquote has quotations related to: In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. They represented a group which could no longer be entirely ignored.

To answer the question as to the stubbornness or malleability of [ the public, let us analyze the press in its relation to public opinion, since the press stands preeminent among the various in- stitutions which are commonly designated as leaders or moulders of the public mind.

The Nation said public relations counsel was a new name for the “Higher Hokum. The Depression had made millions of Americans more aware of the world around them. Propaganda During the Period Development of new methods of communica- tion and transportation in the United States in the first half of the 19th Century, the telegraph inthe railroads from the Thirties on, and the making of paper from wood for the first time inhad a great effect on opinion-moulding activities.

The rest of the book, published inis about the need for public relations, some of its techniques, and its ethics. The actual cases which I have cited were selected be- cause they explain the application of crystllizing theories to practice.


His visionary ideas foresaw the role public relations would play in a democratic society at that time and in the future.

But despite this, the activities of the pub- lic relations counsel affect the daily life of the entire population in one form or another. What are the factors that work in favor of conver- sion of a man from one political party to another or from one type of food to another?

Fascinating look into early 2oth century PR. The public, in response to the efforts of the company, which were analogous to a gra- cious personal apology, accepted more or less irk- some conditions as a matter of course.

Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

Is it an acci- dent that makes Boston women prefer brown eggs and New York women white eggs? But when the War was over, many captains of industry had come to view public relations as one of the most important forces in the dynamics of business advance.

The rational method ade- quately used would have told him that on the great majority of these questions there could be for him but one attitude— that of suspended judgment” The reader will crystzllizing from his own experience an almost infinite number of instances in which the amateur has been fully prepared to deliver expert advice and to give final judgment in mat- ters upon which his ignorance is patent to every one except himself.

In the Western part of Greece, a struggle for political independence took place. The print i’m reading has tons of typos and run on sentences.

I found particularly compelling his views on the “herd instinct” explaining how mass perception works, how marginal their sense of crystalliziing is, and how the public mind needs to be managed by an educated elite. Simply a fascinating read — not only educational but reflective of an America new to radio and the newspaper industry that was still evolving, this book was published in and the copyright was renewed in The Church took the lead in setting the patterns of thought of its followers.