CPESC application process. Application approval Exam Review – September 14, – AM to PM The Study Guide and Handouts are included. The course will review material contained in the CPESC examination. Any individual may attend the course. Approval by CPESC, Inc. is. Certification programs and examination questions are based on applicable federal Already a CPESC-IT: Part II only (3hrs) Applicants are encouraged to take part in our Review Course, review course materials, study guide and scope of.

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If an approved applicant fails the exam, they may retest until a tuide grade has been achieved. Posted December 18, I did study my ass off and like you, encountered topic I wasn’t totally familiar with. If someone has legitimate experience preparing plans The way environmental laws work is that the state can always go more stringent than the feds, and local can always go more stringent than the state.

Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC) Review Course

Anyone planning on taking the cpexc I was always partial to R4 myself. My opinion, as if its not obvious, take the course for CEU credit, or for training just so you can keep abreast of the latest in science and tech. Posted June 23, I think it is a reasonable, and passable exam. I was only going to get the certification as a notch on the belt and from what I’ve seen here in Texas, not only does it not matter, but most people don’t even know what it is.


There were 6 problems of which you have to choose 3: If you had one of those, then that part had to be stamped but the rest was still good by you. Posted August 21, Or the states can require such training, as a pre-requisite for cerifying plans.

Each problem had cpdsc questions to answer. Applicants will receive notification by email that their scores have been released. Posted December 22, The knowledge and concepts being tested are based on current standard practices as defined by your professional peers.

Exam Info – Erosion Sediment Control Association of Canada (ESCAC), BC

Sgudy plan to pass. I took the exam today BUT I get a piece of paper to prove it, and the honor and priviledge of charging no more for my services than I already do.

Oh, and just to add salt to the wound, since their have been only 33 – yeah thats right 33 CPESC’s obtained in my whole state. I know one engineer who has that certification, and his ESC plans now are awesome.


Exam Information

That’s all I can remember. Posted July 10, Im afraid that if this catches on with the other town’s in my area, I may be out of business, in an already dismal economy.

I took the exam last month. I took the exam last month and it demolished me as well. Guidw December 19, Is it closed book?

We’re engineers, we can handle a little multiplication. I could not believe the depth of some of the questions on there. Some of the erosion questions were insane. Posted June 11, Kudos to all of you who dtudy it. I know things slightly differ from state to state but I exa, confused about this All in all, the 2nd part was not too bad.

And unfortunatley, many small permitting authorities just don’t have the expertise on-hand to contantly have to train the local engineers on-the-job.