Boy 2 Girl by Terence Blacker. A fast and funny comedy of teenage angst. Nicholas Tucker; Monday 3 May 0 comments. When Matthew’s crazy American cousin suddenly arrives on his doorstep, it’s a big shock for the whole family. Sam is small, blond and wild – with a giant attitude . Blacker (The Angel Factory) brings gender bending to a new level of hilarity and suspense in this contemporary novel set in suburban London.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Nov 12, Rayan Deeb rated it really liked it. Plus, the idea of “being” the other sex is very contoversial.

In Boy2Girl, a fictional novel by Terence Blacker, Sam Lopez, 13, comes to England from America after his mother’s death to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin.

The events of the novel touch on a wide variety of issues: My sis uses one of these. Blacker chooses to use multiple narrators, some who only narrate for a paragraph, to further show how the same event can be interpreted in different ways. Even for a multiple P.

But when it came in there were a few more folds in the book than I would have liked to be in there. Sep 02, Karen Barber rated it liked it Shelves: There were some tiny random things that threw me out of it a united v city football game in london I often look for books that play with gender stereotypes.

The reasons are a tad convoluted. In other words, the more time I spent with these characters, the more I got to know them.

This book made me confused and angry, but hey, at least I managed to read it! Sadly, he’s a stubborn, swearing, long haired maniac. Matthew, a Year Eight student, is wary when his parents agree to take custody of Matthew’s recently orphaned, “tough-guy” cousin from America.

Boy2Girl by Terence Blacker

rerence After his mom dies in a car crash, Sam an American is sent to live with his family in London. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Can’t see many 12 year old boys doing this, but Sam does.


Nov 22, Cherise W.

If the characters in fact ARE to be taken seriously that would mean that instead of exploring and dismissing gender binaries, this book actually promotes the idea of gender as something completely binary. At another point our crossdresser, Sam, upon being referred to as a “little lady” says “We don’t talk about little ladies anymore Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

I’m not sure who the author aimed this book at. They ask him to dress a girl for a week and infiltrate their rival blacer which he eventually agrees to and he mellows out a little and they prepare for the start of school. True to his rebellious reputation, year-old Sam whom Matthew characterizes as “an accident in human form” starts stirring up trouble almost as soon as he arrives, insulting Matthew’s family and getting into a brawl with one of Matthew’s best friends.

He goes with his cousin Matthew to school, where, as a forfeit, he has to pass himself off as a girl. Except instead of trying to blend in as a girl, Sam spends his time convincing them to act “masculine” by telling them it’s cool, and ‘American’ to grab their crotches and glare at people. Feb 29, Jenni Frencham rated it it was ok Shelves: Naturally, p Firstly, this was not the book I expected.

Seriously not worth the time it takes to read. A nice read overall. Crash arrives in Britain and the police terfnce been alerted to watch for an unsavoury American who is going to kidnap his own child for the money his mother left him, all the while it seems like Sam has absolutely no idea about what is going on and I blwcker starting to get the sinking feeling that something bad is going blacler happen.

Gender blender

Sam’s reason for crossdressing have nothing to do with exploring gender, and is about a prank in order to make it blzcker into the blackef graces of the boys. This plan also starts to bring Matthew and Sam closer together although things are getting difficult as we know Crash is on his way to get Sam from the Burtons.


Quite the voyage of discovery he went on then. Also it is a fresh take on a gender-bender story that does not use many of the tropes a such a story relies on. Apart from trying to make me look kind of dumb, that is Matthew: In order to regain their acceptance Sam agrees to a dare of having him dress as a girl for the first week of school so that Sam can spy on a group of girls who are the Shed’s enemies.

Terence Blacker wanted to be a jockey when he grew and up.

On a more subtle level, hoy2girl author conveys how Sam undergoes a transformation on the inside as well as the outside. Surprisingly enough, not only does Sam agree to the proposition, but passes his “test” with flying colors.

He lives in Norfolk, England. So what’s the deal then? ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

And frankly, I hadn’t left a packet of Always in her locker for it to be used as an offensive weapon. So they decide to set Sam a challenge – one that will have serious consequences. Mild humor about gender differences, notable mainly for the author’s point-of-view experimentation — he tells the story in very short chapters through the eyes of 10 or 11 peripheral characters without ever entering the mind of his protagonist.

They agree as a family that Sam is going to stay with them and they will tell Crash should he ever come knocking. Overall this book is a poorly written, poorly executed book about a boy who dresses as a girl. Dec 12, Squirrel rated it really liked it. Sam was let off of going to jail because she was “influenced by the bigger males” when she helped with a riot at a game.

But it’s the way Blacker tells it that makes it such fun.