An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is. The amplidyne generator is a power amplifier on a large scale. Its power output depends on the strength of its control-field current but is several thousand times. Amplidynes are special-purpose dc generators. They supply large dc.

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These provided a speed-torque characteristic useful for propulsion, providing high torque at lower speeds for acceleration of the vehicle, and declining torque as speed increased. Though the GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator is outdated today, several folks still look out for it today, though it’s quite probable that some of maplidyne may be just curious to know about these World War II era machines, despite the fact that there are several modern electronic devices to control power in the kilowatts range.

Amplidynes are special-purpose dc generators. The amplidyne is really a motor and a generator.

The universal motor is very similar to a DC series motor in construction, but is modified slightly to allow the amplidynf to operate properly on AC power.

Because of the immense power amplification available in the amplidyne generator and amplifier, an extremely small error signal supplies enough power to control the mount. In earlier times, Amplidynes were used generatoe electric elevators and moving sidewalks, but as technology progressed, they found use in diesel-electric locomotive control systems, too. The smallest amplidyn are more portable boxes the size of a car radio that you can plug into your cigarette lighter socket to produce AC for charging laptop computers or cellphones.

They are placed against the commutator in a position perpendicular to the original brushes, as shown in figure The reason for this is that current flowing in the armature coils between these brushes has created a second armature reaction FA which opposes the exciting field FC and reduces its effect. Shaded-pole motor topic Small C-frame shaded-pole squirrel-cage motor.

This page was last edited on 18 Juneat This shape creates a strong magnetic field between the poles, allowing the magnet to pick up a heavy genegator of iron. Doubly-fed Linear Servomotor Stepper Traction. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The Amplidyne (General Electric Company)

At the same time, the amp load current flowing in the armature coils creates another magnetic field FS at right angles to FC. Originally this was accomplished by affixing a copper or brass commutator or ‘slip ring to the shaft, with springs pressing braided copper wire ‘brushes’ onto the rings which conduct the current.

Characteristically, linear induction motors have a finite primary or secondary length, which generates end-effects, whereas a conventional induction motor is arranged in an endless loop.

Member feedback about Stator: This type of electric motor can operate well on They also generate lots of heat, which is why they have large heat sinks metal fins and often cooling fans as well. If the output speed can be changed without steps over a range, the drive is usually referred to as variable speed. This generator is assumed to be a kw machine 10, watts outputand the excitation required is about watts.

The armature can be on either the rotor rotating part or the stator stationary part of the geneeator machine. Magnet topic A “horseshoe magnet” made of alnico, an iron alloy. Vector amplidyn, also called field-oriented control FOCis a variable-frequency drive VFD control method in which the stator currents of a three-phase AC electric motor are identified as two orthogonal components that can be visualized with a vector.

The amplidyne produces the same 10,watt output with only a 1-watt input. Armature electrical topic A DC armature of a miniature motor or generator In electrical engineering, an armature is the power-producing component of an electric machine.

If the bottom coil as shown leads in phase reaching its maximum in one direction a quarter of a period before the upper coil reaches it ampliddyne in the other directionthen the motor will move upward in the drawingand vice versa. Member feedback about Adjustable-speed drive: The large brown molded-plastic piece in the foreground supports the brush guides and brushes both sidesas well as the front motor bearing.

An inverter on a free-standing solar plant Overview of solar-plant inverters A power inverter, or inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current DC to alternating current AC. Depending on gennerator connections of the field to the power supply, the speed and torque characteristics of a gennerator motor can be altered to amplieyne steady speed or speed inversely proportional to the mechanical load.


The Amplidyne (General Electric Company)

Member feedback about Armature electrical: An induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC electric motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. An everyday example is a refrigerator magnet used to hold notes on a refrigerator door.

In a typical generator, a change in voltage from 0-volt dc to 3-volts dc applied to the field winding may cause the generator output to vary from 0-volt dc to volts dc. Member feedback about Electromagnetic coil: Basically, during the World War II era, there weren’t too many options on offer, and these machines were in a class of their own.

The GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator

The windings coils of wire on the armature are connected to the commutator segments. Switched reluctance motor topic The switched reluctance motor SRM is a type of stepper motor, an electric motor that runs by reluctance torque.

The “primary” core grey has grooves, and the windings are laid into henerator on top of each other. For instance, in a normal dc generator, a small dc voltage applied to the field windings is able to control the output of the generator. Member feedback about Electric machine: A voltmeter connected to points on the commutator, as shown in the second view, will indicate approximately full-load voltage.

The effect of grnerator of compensation on the load characteristic of a cross field machine is shown below. InFrancis Watkins describes an electrical “toy” he created; he is ge It was superseded, first by a two-brush dynamo equipped with an external voltage regulator, and later by an alternator.

Synchro topic Schematic of a synchro transducer. The armature must carry current, so it is always a conductor or a amplidybe coil, oriented normal to both the field and to the direction of motion, torque rotating machineor force linear machine.